Guided preparation.

With one-on-one coaching, MathSP can help your child score his or her best to gain admittance into independent schools.

Through one-on-one coaching, MathSP coaches utilize the SP Method™ to teach our students the Strategies and Problem-solving techniques they will need to succeed on the SSAT.

Using our Facilitative Approach, SSAT coaches enable students to find, understand, and learn from their mistakes. Learning how to prepare for the SSAT will also help your child succeed on college entrance exams including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.

Would you like to enroll your child in an independent school?
Independent schools use the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) as an admissions test.

Does your child need guided preparation to perform his or her best on the SSAT?
MathSP can help your child achieve his or her highest score on all sections of the SSAT to gain admittance into independent schools.

What is the Secondary School Admissions Test?

The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) is a multiple-choice aptitude test for students in grades 5-11. The test consists of verbal, quantitative (math) and reading comprehension sections. The verbal questions test their vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and ability to relate ideas logically. The quantitative (math) questions test their ability to solve problems involving arithmetic, elementary algebra, geometry and problem-solving concepts. The reading comprehension section tests their ability to understand what they read. In addition, the test includes a writing sample portion, which asks students to respond to a topic statement. The essay is not graded, but a copy accompanies each SSAT score report sent to a school or consultant.

The SSAT is designed for students in grades 5 through 11 and is administered on two levels:

  • Middle (for students currently in grades 5-7)
  • Upper (for students currently in grades 8-11)

The SSAT is divided into a total of five sections as shown in the table below:

Sections Number of Questions Time
Writing 1 essay 25 minutes
Math (2 sections) 25 per section 30 minutes per section
Verbal 30 synonym  30 analogy 30 minutes
Reading Comprehension 40 (based on ~7 reading passages) 40 minutes
Total 2 hrs. 35 min.

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Description & Rates

SSAT preparation sessions are one-on-one sessions tailored to each student’s needs and goals. This high level of interaction allows our coaches to uncover each student’s weaknesses and create a structured curriculum that focuses on an individualized approach to facilitate his/her improvement. Throughout the course, our coaches remain mindful of each student’s learning styles, communication preferences, and academic goals to ensure that each student achieves his/her highest score. MathSP expert coaches closely monitor each student’s progress from session to session to evaluate their progress and regularly prepare progress reports for parents. Our flexible, customized curriculum allows each student to move at a comfortable pace while also meeting his/her goals within the allotted timeframe.

Additional Features of Private Coaching:

  • Homework assignments that revisit concepts, reinforce strategies and evaluate each student’s understanding of course material
  • Real practice tests to simulate a realistic testing experience and to track improvement
  • Homework review each session to evaluate student progress
  • Timed practice SSAT sections each session

Sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday in the afternoon and evening and anytime on Saturday and Sunday. Each session is usually 2 or 3 hours depending on the student’s academic needs and goals. Coaching sessions can be scheduled over any length of time and hours never expire; you may use your hours however and whenever you wish.

Private Coaching Rates

8 hours


16 hours


24 hours


32 hours