Below are the available options with this course:

Private Coaching

Private Coaching offers your child personally tailored one-on-one interaction with an expert MathSP instructor.  This high level of interaction allows our instructors to uncover your child’s weaknesses and create a structured curriculum that focuses on an individualized approach to facilitate his/her improvement. Our master instructors closely monitor the student’s progress from session to session to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Our flexible, customized curriculum allows your child to move at a pace that is comfortable while also meeting his/her goals within the allotted timeframe.

Additional Features of Private Coaching:

  • Homework assignments that revisit concepts, reinforce strategies, and evaluate your child’s understanding of course material
  • Real practice tests to simulate a realistic testing experience and to track improvement
  • Homework review each session utilizing the Facilitative Approach
  • Timed practice problem sessions

Small Group Courses

MathSP uses previous test scores and/or diagnostic tests to establish a baseline score and form small groups of 4-10 students. Each student individually benefits from the small size while also learning and interacting with peers. During each 3.5 hour session, students work both independently and together to solve problems to ensure individual competence is met. The small class size allows our instructors to move at a comfortable pace for the group.  Furthermore, weekly scheduled Extra Help sessions outside of class time allow students additional time to ask questions, review homework problems, and understand their mistakes.