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MathSP’s SAT & PSAT Bridge Program is designed to help students cross the bridge from high school to college. Students learn important strategies to prepare them for all sections of the SAT & PSAT.

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MathSP’s SAT & PSAT Bridge Program provides you with:

  • Effective concept-driven approaches to all sections of the SAT & PSAT: Math Test, Reading Test, Writing  and Language Test, and Essay
  • Application of specific concepts, formulas, and strategies to real SAT & PSAT problems
  • Short-cuts, common errors to avoid, and other tips
  • Interactive small classroom environment
  • Personalized attention that meets your needs and takes you where you want to go
  • Expert coaches who scored 700+ on each section of the SAT
  • A proven curriculum that equips you with key strategies and methods
  • The confidence you need to achieve your highest score

The SAT & PSAT Bridge Program is designed to bridge the gap between high school and college. By maximizing your learning and retention, we provide you with everything you need to achieve your desired SAT & PSAT score.

Different people have different learning preferences so we offer two great options, both of which are delivered by one of our expert SAT & PSAT Prep coaches in an interactive setting. Both options include timed practice sections, real practice tests, concept-based homework assignments, and progress reports:

Private TutoringPrivate Coaching:
Your coach completely customizes the curriculum to match your needs and goals. This option allows students to set their pace and direct their learning. If you’re busy and need your coach to conform to your schedule, this is the option for you. Learn More →

Small Group SessionsSmall Group Courses:
Groups of no more than ten students dynamically engage each other to hone concept-driven strategies. The MathSP coaches that lead these small groups are experts at creating an environment that achieves the best of both worlds: optimal individual attention and edifying collaborative engagement. There are two small group options: Small Group Course Only and Small Group Course Plus Private. Learn More →

Our SAT & PSAT Bridge Program coaches know the SAT & PSAT inside out and upside down and are excited to make you masters of the test. The course curriculum includes a content review that assesses the strengths and weakness of your foundational knowledge. Once we’ve got a solid understanding of your needs and goals, we equip you with testing strategies and concept-driven exercises that are tailored to take you where you want to go. We prepare our students for all sections: Math Test, Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and the Essay. The Private Coaching option is flexible and allows coaches to create a customized curriculum and meeting schedule that works well for you. The Small Group Course has no more than 12 students and consists of nine sessions that strengthen your skills and build up to a specified test date.

Using our signature approaches, our coaches teach concepts that are guaranteed to optimize your ability to master each topic while maximizing your understanding and retention. We provide our students with a wealth of preparation and study materials for the SAT & PSAT, including materials from College Board, the makers of the test. In fact, the best practice problems are those written by College Board itself; our students learn and understand how to approach and solve real SAT & PSAT practice questions created by the test-makers.

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To ace the SAT & PSAT, you must become adept at leveraging systematic problem-solving techniques to identify, understand, and approach the questions on each section of the test. The best way to become proficient in this way is to become familiar with the test structure and question types by working through practice problems.

The first thing you need to know is that the SAT & PSAT measures your achievement in four areas – Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and a written Essay. Questions are either multiple-choice or grid-in (math only) and cover a variety of concepts in each area.

At MathSP we equip you with key strategies and empower you to put them to work by presenting you with regular practice tests and problems and then walking through solutions dynamically in order to enhance your analytical abilities.

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I liked my coach’s enthusiasm, knowledge, intelligence, and different approaches to the SAT problems. I also liked the strategies and short-cuts that save time. Initially, I did not feel that confident about the SAT, but after this class, I felt comfortable, confident, and prepared. My score increased 250 points! – Mark P., graduate of Woodward Academy, currently attending USC

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