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MathSP’s Keys Program is the premier provider of GRE Quantitative Prep. Our proven approach to GRE Math is unparalleled at helping students learn more and achieve higher scores.

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MathSP’s GRE Keys Program provides you with:

  • An in-depth review of the 60+ Math concepts tested on the GRE
  • Effective approaches to Quantitative Comparison, Discrete Problem Solving, Numeric Entry, and Data Interpretation question types
  • Short-cuts, common errors to avoid, and other tips
  • An interactive classroom environment
  • Personalized attention from an expert GRE coach
  • A proven curriculum that equips you with key formulas and strategies
  • Application of concepts, formulas, and strategies to real GRE problems
  • Confidence to score your highest on the GRE!

The GRE Keys Program will equip you with the persistently refined strategies you need to unlock the doors to higher education. By maximizing your learning and retention, we provide you with everything you need to achieve a high GRE Quantitative score. There are various methods to learning, so we offer two great options, both of which are delivered by our expert GRE Math coaches in an interactive setting. Both options include timed practice sections, real practice tests, and weekly homework assignments:

Private TutoringPrivate Coaching:
Your coach completely customizes the curriculum to match your needs and goals. This option allows students to set their pace and direct their learning. If you’re busy and need your coach to conform to your schedule, this is the option for you. Learn More →

Small Group SessionsSmall Group Courses:
Groups of no more than ten students dynamically engage each other to hone concept-driven strategies. The MathSP coaches that lead these small groups are experts at creating an environment that achieves the best of both worlds: optimal individual attention and edifying collaborative engagement. There are two small group options: Small Group Course Only and Small Group Course Plus Private. Learn More →

The standard Keys Program consists of eight 3-hr sessions. Each of the Quantitative questions in “The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test” is assigned for homework and discussed in class throughout the eight sessions. This text is written by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) – the organization that writes and administers the official GRE. Thus, mastering the Quantitative questions in this text in the appropriate time frame is essential to success on the GRE as these GRE questions are similar to those you will see on your official GRE.

MathSP ensures that you understand the concepts tested on the GRE and how to apply concepts and strategies to real GRE questions. We provide you with a wealth of preparation and study materials for the GRE, including materials written by ETS and computer-adaptive practice tests.

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The GRE attempts to assess your readiness for graduate-level work. To ace the GRE, you must identify, understand, and tackle the questions on each section of the test by leveraging systematic problem-solving approaches. The easiest way to do this is to become familiar with the test structure and question types by working through practice problems and learning the methods and strategies that make solving questions a quick and simple exertion of mental finesse.

The test adapts to each individual based on his or her ability. The rigor of the problems in the second Quantitative section depends on how well you answered the questions in the previous Quantitative section. The Quantitative section measures your quantitative reasoning and ability to apply basic mathematical knowledge using three types of questions: Quantitative Comparisons, Multiple Choice (with one answer or with one or more answers) and Numeric Entry.  MathSP will teach you the concepts, tips, and strategies you need to succeed with each of these question types.

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There was always something to learn in this course… from the many Math concepts to the time-saving strategies. MathSP’s Quantitative GRE prep helped me score above the 75th percentile! My instructor was very knowledgeable, personable, and professional in her instruction – a wonderful combination and very rare to find in a program that doesn’t break the bank. Thank you so much! – Amina A., attended the Keys Program

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