Concept-based learning invigorates students’ core foundational knowledge by teaching them how to apply a single concept to many different problems.

At MathSP, our coaches use a novel teaching approach known as Concept-based Learning. A strong understanding of foundational concepts is important to performing well in any subject or standardized test. Our students learn specific concepts and then deepen their understanding of each concept by working through sample questions. By focusing on the many applications of a single concept, students increase their mental dexterity and finesse and learn to go beyond equations to understand the true nature of each problem.

In MathSP test prep sessions, coaches group questions by concept so that students are able to grasp the consistencies between seemingly different problems. Our students understand that if they are comfortable with a finite number of concepts, then they are able to use their knowledge of those concepts and apply it to an infinite number of questions. No matter the question, our students are able to identify the concepts tested and use the most effective strategies to solve each question.

Advantages to Concept-based Learning

Concept-based Learning helps students to:

  • Learn and master essential concepts that form the backbone of standardized exam questions
  • Identify the specific concepts tested in a particular question
  • Solve questions grouped by concept to see parallels among different problems
  • Deepen their understanding of concept-based problem-solving
  • Recognize and understand the numerous ways that questions are written and concepts are tested