The Facilitative Approach fosters individual competence, retention, and critical engagement while galvanizing each student’s potential to thrive academically.

MathSP academic and test prep coaches leverage facilitative techniques to teach important concepts to our students. Rather than simply giving students the answers, coaches are trained to expertly guide students through the logic of the problem at hand, and then identify the best techniques and approaches to correctly and most efficiently solve the problem. Our coaches aren’t satisfied if a student knows how to reach a solution through a single approach. We centralize a complete understanding of the concepts, which is why we push students to find the best approach and engage them in conversations about the various paths to solutions.

Students work through problems methodically and carefully – not just to discover the answer, but also and primarily to strengthen their foundational knowledge and apply their understanding to problems of increasing complexity and nuance.

Our interactive learning environment emboldens students to uncover their errors and grasp a solid understanding of the material.

Advantages to the Facilitative Approach

The MathSP Facilitative Approach encourages students to:

  • Identify and close gaps in their STEM foundation.
  • Increase their confidence in their problem-solving abilities.
  • Navigate through problems using structured, logically sound approaches.
  • Clearly communicate the logic of their approaches.
  • Determine next steps in problem solving.
  • Learn key strategies and methods to reach the correct solutions.
  • Ask any and all questions in a supportive environment. At MathSP, no question is stupid or silly.

MathSP coaches present new material only after each student has attained a complete understanding of the concept at hand so that no one sinks… everyone swims!