MathSP is home to academic coaches, NOT academic tutors.

Academic coach with studentAcademic Tutors help students understand subject-specific content instead of identifying and remediating the conceptual gaps that have compelled the student to seek a tutor in the first place. Academic tutors are like Band-Aid appliers: they provide short-term relief in a subject instead of arming their students with the strategies they need to run without falling. If you’re not concerned with becoming a self-sufficient learner and just want to make it through Trigonometry or Physics, hire an academic tutor.

Academic Coaches have mastered the art of learning and are passionate about imparting their mastery to their students. We not only enable each student to understand subject-specific content, we also identify and remediate gaps in our student’s foundation. While we’re equipping our students to ace the next test, we’re also using that preparation to fill conceptual gaps and strengthen their testing strategies. Our mission is three-fold 1) to create a rock-hard foundation of knowledge and impart STEM fluency, 2) to equip each student with a trove of invaluable learning strategies that will enable them to tackle and master new and harder subject areas, and 3) to optimize each student’s confidence as a self-sufficient learner.

Foundation, Strategy, Practice. This is our mantra.

At MathSP, we love to put ourselves out of work. We know we’ve achieved success when our students no longer need any additional academic support.

So think about it. Would you rather hire a tutor for each subject that challenges you today and into the future or establish a relationship with an academic coach who is dedicated to making sure he or she is the last additional academic support you’ll need?

Work with us. We create self-sufficient learners.