MathSP offers a variety of course options and rates to serve the different needs of our students.

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Private Coaching

GRE Private Coaching offers you personally tailored one-on-one interaction with an expert MathSP coach. This high level of interaction allows our coaches to uncover your weaknesses and create a structured curriculum that focuses on an individualized approach to facilitate your improvement. Our expert coaches monitor your progress from session to session to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Our flexible, customized curriculum allows you to move at a pace that is comfortable while also meeting your goals within the given timeframe.

Additional Features of Private Coaching:

  • Weekly homework assignments that revisit concepts, reinforce strategies and evaluate your understanding of course material
  • Homework review each session utilizing the Facilitative Approach
  • Unlimited number of online practice tests with review to track your improvement
  • Timed practice problem sessions to master timing
GRE Private Coaching Packages

Private Coaching 24 hours


Private Coaching 12 hours


Private Coaching 1 hour


Small Group Courses

GRE Small Group Courses consist of a maximum of 10 students per group and are led by an expert MathSP coach. Each student individually benefits from the small size while also learning and interacting with peers. During each three hour session, students work both independently and together to solve problems to ensure individual competence is met. The small class size allows coaches to move at a comfortable pace for the group. Private coaching hours can be purchased to supplement in-class learning.

Features of Small Group Courses:

  • 24 hours of instruction focusing on the Quantitative section of the GRE
  • Homework assignments that revisit concepts, reinforce strategies, and evaluate your understanding of course material
  • 60-minute homework review each session that utilizes the Facilitative Approach
  • Online practice tests to track your improvement
  • Timed practice problem sessions to master timing
GRE Small Group Course Package

Small Group Course
24 hours


GRE Strategy Workshops

Select graduate programs partner with MathSP to offer GRE Strategy Workshops to prospective students. Interactive and engaging, these workshops are held multiple times throughout the year and provide an overview of the GRE, decoding the computer-adaptive scoring model and solving real GRE problems from the “Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test” in a dynamic environment. Using the SP Method™ and Facilitative Approach, students learn and practice effective test-taking techniques and concepts with an expert instructor’s guidance and feedback. For information on upcoming MathSP GRE Strategy Workshops, please visit our blog or email us at