paperpensWe don’t know about you but here at MathSP, we can’t believe how quickly the summer went by. We’ve been gearing up for the new school year, getting ready for new academic and test prep coaching sessions with our students, and easing back into an established routine in order to achieve a successful academic school year. The same should go for students as well.

Back to school time means getting back into the swing of things to ensure a successful school year. It’s important to start off on the right foot straight out the gate so that students aren’t bombarded with various tasks and forced to continuously play catch up if not fully prepared. In order for students to have a thriving and productive school year, we compiled a list of 4 must do things for students to be prepared for success.

Establish A Routine

We know it’s hard but no more sleeping in until noon and going to bed after midnight. Nothing can ruin your day worse than limited sleep and a poor diet. Get in the habit of going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so that you’re getting enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep means diminished attention span, increased irritability, and the inability to learn and retain information. Additionally, it is important to create a pattern for mealtimes as well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so students should be getting up early enough to ensure a proper meal before the start of the day.

Get Organized

A worker is only as good as their tools which is why it’s essential for students to get all the supplies necessary to have a successful school year. Traditional school supplies such as notebooks, pens & folders, flash drives, index cards, and calculators will help students in organizing their studies, keeping track of their class schedule and work load and being prepared to complete class assignments given by teachers.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to let your teachers, academic coach, parents, or counselors know when you need help. Whether a math equation or understanding the lesson in science class, it’s better to ask questions for clarification than to GUESS what you THINK may be required of you. Oftentimes, students are concerned that they are being a bother or a distraction when they ask questions. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. More often than not, your peers probably have the same questions that you have. Be a leader! Step forward to ask the tough questions and get the help that you need in order to gain a better understanding of a new concept taught in class or for clarification on an assignment. Your mind will be at ease knowing that you have all the fundamental information needed to submit a report or complete a project.

Choose Engaging Classes

Did you know you could talk to your school counselor about your class schedule? Yes, you certainly can. Students should begin taking an active role in designing a class schedule that aligns with their interests and goals as they pertain to vision for their academic future. While it’s encouraged to take honor classes and advanced placement (AP) classes, it’s critical that students include classes that fulfill a passion or allow them to learn a new skill. Breaking up the monotony of the school day by taking a class that is enjoyable and engaging allows the mind to reset and refresh. It is also beneficial for students to begin speaking with school counselors and college recruiters to determine classes that would increase their chances of being admitted into the school of their choice post graduation. Even if they’re just starting high school, it’s never too early to start planning for their academic future.

Implementing the right tools and habits can enable students for a prosperous, productive school year. Learn about ways MathSP can help students achieve success for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond through our Academic and Standardized Test Prep Coaching.