stemdaygeorgiaGeorgia’s STEM Day on Friday, May 9, 2014 is a daylong, Georgia-wide celebration of schools, students, teachers and companies that are committed to increasing STEM engagement and education. It will be the second annual Georgia STEM Day. Last year, The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Education Collaborative worked with the Georgia Department of Education and community partners to engage nearly 300,000 students and educators from over 50 school districts in exciting STEM activities in honor of the very first Georgia STEM Day. Let’s increase those numbers for the second annual Georgia STEM Day on May 9, 2014! Encourage your principals to participate! Rally your fellow teachers to make STEM day a school-wide event. Remind your administrators that the success of our children largely depends on our ability to provide them with the type of STEM education they’ll need to thrive in our increasingly knowledge-based economy.

GA Plug Gaps in STEMSTEM is for Everyone, Including the Poets and Historians

This is the main message of STEM Day and MathSP agrees. In this Information Age, technology permeates every field, not just the hard math and science professions. The ubiquity of technology means that even students who do not intend to become engineers and doctors need a rock-hard foundation in STEM to be competitive and productive participants in our ever-changing economy. Every day our world becomes more and more STEM dominant, which is why Georgia is investing more and more of its educational resources in fortifying STEM education.

How Do I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved. Here are TAG-Ed’s suggestions straight from its website: Teachers: Incorporate fun and innovative STEM activities into your classroom on May 9, 2014. Encourage your school and fellow teachers to do the same! Principals: Engage your entire school in celebrating STEM Day. Encourage each teacher in every subject to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math in a creative way.

The Exciting Resources TAG-ED Offers for STEM DAY

As educators, we all know how difficult it can be sometimes to get students to see beyond the formulas and equations to behold the marvelous patterns. They often ask when they’ll ever need calculus, or why they have to learn how to balance chemical equations. Well, TAG-Ed has provided the resources you need to answer these questions definitively.

STEM Skills In DemandStudent Question #1: When will I ever use algebra in real life?

STEM Day Answer #1: The Georgia Public Broadcasting Fast Forward Series: 18 videos featuring exciting STEM based careers and how they connect to the classroom.

Student Question #2: Why can’t I just memorize the formulas and equations?

STEM Day Answer #2: STEM Shaping the World We Live In: Energy Secretary Steven Chu and major business leaders discuss how STEM leaders shape the world we live in.

Student Question #3: What does chemistry have to do with daily life?

STEM Day Answer #3: QUEST: a series that takes students on a journey to discover how science touches every aspect of the real world, from energy saving windows to the science of cheese. KQED’s award-winning multimedia science and environment series QUEST aims to strengthen STEM education. TAG-Ed provides dozens of more scintillating STEM-oriented resources that demonstrate the profound significance of STEM in the real world. Register your school today!

The MathSP Difference

At MathSP, your goal is our goal: to empower students with the math and science education they’ll need to realize their fullest potential. We work day-in and day-out to embolden our students to develop a ‘math state of mind’. We’re excited for Georgia’s second annual STEM Day and are delighted to do whatever we can to help your school celebrate. We see STEM Day as a rare and wonderful opportunity for entire communities to come together to help students perceive the meaning and grandeur of STEM. Work with us. Dozens of companies, schools and organizations collaborated to make the first annual STEM Day great. To surpass their admirable achievements on May 9, we’ll have to form even greater partnerships and generate even more innovative activities. We’re ready. Are you?