In the ACT Bridge Program, coaches utilize the MathSP Facilitative Approach, which allows students to assess their strengths and areas for improvement while reinforcing best test-taking practices. In the Small Group Course, the length of each session is designed to simulate the real testing environment; students become comfortable with focusing for an extended period of time, as they must do on the real test. Coaches begin each 3.5 hour session by reviewing the assigned homework problems. Students are encouraged to come to each session with questions from their homework assignment. Coaches lead peer group discussions that enable students to find their mistakes and correct them. In working through homework and class problems, students not only learn from their mistakes, but they also solidify their understanding of important concepts tested and test-taking strategies as well.

Course Information | Course Structure | Course Materials

The Bridge Program Course Information

  • Intense foundation review of important concepts tested on the ACT
  • Strategies and tips for all sections of the ACT: Math, Reading, English, Science, and Writing
  • Real ACT problems from the “Real ACT Prep Guide” by ACT, tackled using the SP Method
  • Organization of problems by concept to promote Concept-based Learning
  • Extensive homework assignment each session
  • Homework review using the Facilitative Approach
  • Timed practice ACT sections each session

The Bridge Program Course Structure

The Bridge Program’s ACT Small Group Course is comprised of eight sessions dedicated to all sections of the test, including Math, Reading, English, Science, and Writing. Each of the eight sessions is 3.5 hours to simulate a real testing experience and get students accustomed to testing for this length of time. These sessions are structured as follows and tailored to each group:

  • Session 1: Full-length Diagnostic Test
  • Session 2: Pre-Algebra Math Section | Reading Section
  • Session 3: Algebra Math Section | English Section
  • Session 4: Geometry Math Section | Science Section
  • Session 5: Trigonometry Math Section | Reading Section
  • Session 6: English Section | Science Section
  • Session 7: Writing Section | Reading Section
  • Session 8: Math Section | Writing Section | Science Section
  • Session 9: Review All Sections

Math | Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry, and Trigonometry
Reading | Prose Fiction, Humanities, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences
English | Usage/Mechanics (Punctuation, Grammar and Usage, Sentence Structure) and Rhetorical Skills (Strategy,   Organization, and Style)
Science | Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Sciences, and Physics – Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints
Writing | Essay Response

The Small Group Course Plus Private Coaching consists of the Small Group Course plus 6 hours of private coaching to drill in on any topics and strategies that need additional focus and individualized attention.  The additional private coaching hours are also an opportunity to thoroughly review every question missed in practice exams and timed sections.

ACT Prep Course Materials

Course Materials Include:

  • “The Real ACT Prep Guide: The Only Guide to Include 5 Real ACT Tests,” by ACT
  • Overview and format of the ACT
  • Essential tips for ACT preparation
  • MathSP notebook and handouts