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Without STEM, you wouldn’t be able to read, repost, forward, or share this blog post. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are critical to everything we do from driving to school to baking a cake to riding a bike to making a phone call to instagraming pictures to facebooking to tweeting to using any sort of data. We only have to stop and look around to see all of what STEM fields make possible. Our entire world runs on STEM.

The New Age of Information

Ever hear that we’re in “The Information Age?” The term means that unlike in previous times, today, human life is based on computerized information. Our economy no longer hinges on industry. Our future and our growth depend on digital revolutions, not industrial ones.

This fact suggests that most of you will study STEM in college and have STEM careers. According to the U.S Labor Department, the 10 fastest growing occupations from 2008-2018 are biomedical engineers, networking systems and data communications analysts, home health aides, personal and home care aides, financial examiners/analysts, medical scientists, physician assistants, skin care specialists, biochemists and biophysicists, and athletic trainers. These are all STEM careers!

The Atlanta Science Festival: A FREE & FUN intro to the WORLD of STEM

Feeling apprehensive? Think STEM is hard or uncool? Think again! The Atlanta Science Festival (ASF), March 22-29, will prove to you and your friends once and for all that science is where the fun is.

Ever wish you could build a robot that would do your chores and fetch sodas from the fridge? Ever wish you had a telescope strong enough to view the sun with? Are you an artist interested in harnessing the latest optics technology to create dazzling installments? Want to learn how to design and build your own website? Are you a nature-lover interested in learning more about geoscience and quartz domes? Want to learn how Apple Inc. (the world’s most valuable brand) became the most prominent technology company in the world? Interested in finding out how the movies use cutting edge technology to simulate explosions? Want to find out if animals have memories? Are you an aspiring architect interested in learning about sustainable urban development?

You’ll be able to learn all of this and more at the Atlantic Science Festival! ASF, an unabashed celebration of local science and technology, hosts 70+ events that recognize the many ways in which STEM enriches our lives. Make room in your schedule to join MathSP at the Atlantic Science Festival.


Like ASF, MathSP is unabashed in its enthusiasm for STEM. MathSP Founder and CEO Stephanie Espy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT before completing a Masters of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters of Business Administration at Emory. She has dedicated her entire education and career to pursuing STEM excellence and brings this drive, passion, and enthusiasm to MathSP every day. Her principal ambition in life is to get students energized and enthused about STEM to enable them to create a marvelous and better tomorrow for themselves and for the world. Work with one of our Academic Coaches to strengthen your STEM muscles and pave a smooth road toward your dreams!