tick_tock_wall_clockScratching your head, you proceed to rub your eyes and blink quickly as you stare at the calendar (most likely on your smartphone) to realize that it’s already November! November? 2015? You mean Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas holiday preparation? Wait, didn’t the summer just end? Didn’t the school year just begin? It feels like it was just the other day MathSP did an article about A Back To School List you’ll want to keep and in a blink of an eye, the holiday break is looming ahead and there’s talk about finals and end of the term! You’re struggling some in that math or science class, do not understand specific concepts your teacher expects you to know by now, and your grades have dropped a bit. You want to do better but the harder you try on your own, the more confused you get. With final exams steadily approaching, you’re starting to worry that you may not be able to grasp the subject content in time for finals to earn the grade you’re aiming for. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, you are not alone. You’d be surprised at the number of requests we get from students and parents wanting to know if there’s anything that can be done before the end of the academic term that can make a difference in grades. The answer is a resounding YES! Something can definitely be done to finish out the academic term with a bang! No one wants to go into the holiday break with less than ideal grades and confusion on concepts necessary to move ahead. MathSP is here to help you design a plan to get caught up in your classes, identify and close any gaps in your understanding of subject content, and create in you a self-sufficient learner.

Step 1: Choose Your Sessions Each student has different needs and our expert academic coaches at MathSP are here to help you succeed. First, you have to determine what it is you’re trying to accomplish in order to select the coaching plan that’s right for you. Is it possible that you are worried about achieving stellar scores on your final exams? Perhaps you’re lost in your Algebra or Geometry class and have a hard time finishing homework, much less tests? Maybe you understand the concepts but tend to second guess yourself on assignments, quizzes and tests and end up inputting incorrect answers? This and many other challenges arise among students as the end of the academic term draws near. Based on the area(s) where you need assistance, MathSP works with parents and students to determine the number of sessions and hours per session needed to address and eliminate any gaps that have hindered a student’s progress. We understand that time is of the essence and students must get started with academic coaching sessions as soon as possible in order to end the academic term strong!

Step 2: Create A Plan It’s important to determine where you’re having difficulty in a class or subject in order to curate a study plan one-on-one academic coaching sessions provide students with individualized attention and focus tailored to their needs. Remember that big final that you’re worried about passing? With MathSP, you receive additional instruction to reinforce skills and close gaps as well as a personalized action plan to strengthen your understanding of content and your performance on assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Step 3: Get To Work We’ve got the sessions picked out, scheduled the dates to meet, and created your personalized action plan needed to close out the term with a bang. All that’s left is for us to get to work! Together, we will cultivate problem solving and analytical abilities while implementing MathSP’s three-fold mission:

  1. Create a rock-hard foundation of knowledge and impart STEM fluency
  2. Equip each student with a trove of invaluable learning strategies that will enable them to tackle and master new and harder subject areas
  3. Optimize each student’s confidence as a self-sufficient learner

At the conclusion of the academic coaching sessions, students will have the knowledge and confidence needed to ace their final exams and end the academic term with reinforced skills, fully understanding the specific concepts taught in their classes. Kick off your holiday season the right way. Work with MathSP to help in preparing for final exams and establishing a foundation free of gaps with strengthened test taking strategies. Learn more about MathSP’s Academic Coaching and Facilitative Approach designed to help each student thrive academically.