coach mathIf the mention of the word ‘math’ gives you testing anxiety, take a deep breath and release! There is no reason to fear: MathSP can equip you with key tips and tactics that will make the math section of the SAT and ACT easier to manage.

1. Take the Necessary Classes

Before taking the SAT or ACT, make sure that you have studied pre-algebra, geometry, and algebra with functions in high school. If you plan to take the ACT, algebra II and trigonometry are also necessary. While taking these classes, focus on grasping the concepts and get extra help if necessary. You’ll need a solid foundation in these subjects to do well on the SAT and ACT.

2. Learn the Tested Math Concepts

Be informed of the math concepts tested on the exam you are preparing to take. Fortunately, you’re not required to know every topic covered in your math textbooks. Make a list of the math concepts that are covered in your classes and tested on the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests so that you can better focus your time and efforts while you’re studying.

3. Learn to “Read” Math

Are the symbols and variables blending together with the words? Can you read equations as fluently as you can read this sentence? Math is a language in the same way that English is a language. The more you familiarize yourself with the language of math and how it translates the everyday “stuff” of the world into expressions and equations, the faster you’ll be able to see past the wording and start thinking about the best way to solve the problems. The more difficulty you have “reading math,” the more time you will need to invest in mastering this skill. Spend some time becoming STEM Fluent.

4. Make Time to Practice Math

Becoming “fluent” in math requires countless hours of concentrated studying. Schedule uninterrupted time to practice your math skills. Yes, you’ll have to turn off your cell phone, computer, television, and any other electronic device. You’ll also want to study in a location with limited noise and distractions. Uninterrupted study will increase your level of focus and diligence. Be consistent with your studying; plan this time (just like you would plan going to a movie or visiting a friend) and practice on a daily basis leading up to your test date.

5. Know the Math Question Pitfalls

Test makers are good at creating ‘wrong answers.’ Don’t fall into the traps! If you learn the language of math, how to read the questions, and testing strategies, you will avoid falling for the wrong answers.

6. Reflect on What You’ve Learned

If you choose to get prep from the MathSP private coaching option or the small group course option, it is important to reflect on each lesson on your own time. After each session with your MathSP Coach, review the concepts, strategies, and problems that you learned, and work the problems again without assistance to make sure you’ve mastered the material. Repetition is extremely important because it enables you to fully grasp the concepts and strategies on your own. If you’re struggling with a particular kind of problem, be sure to review the underlying concepts with your MathSP Coach. Practice, practice, practice is the best way to commit your new math skills to long-term memory so that when you take your test, you’ll be able to quickly deploy the tools and concepts that you’ve learned.

7. Adopt A Motivated Mindset

Finally, your mindset is key to learning and mastering test prep math. With a confident and motivated state of mind you can find creative ways to remember the rules, formulas, relationships, concepts and strategies that pave the road to Test Day Success.

MathSP provides you with math test prep problems and solutions on the MathSP Facebook page and Twitter page. This is a great way for you to connect and engage with other students who are studying for college admission exams. Try working these problems on your own, and then review the detailed solution that follows each problem. Remember, it’s critically important to practice and hone your skills on a daily basis leading up to your test date!

Contact MathSP today and let our expert Academic and Test Prep Coaches help you put these ideas into practice to achieve your target test scores!